Tony Hawes

First I’d like to say I’m not a politician…Im not a republican, or a democrat, Im an American, raised with traditional values & morals. I stand with We The People & believe the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, it should also be used as a roadmap, not an obstacle. Pro 2A Pro seniors, Pro veterans Pro America When I take the oath to defend our constitution against enemies foreign & domestic… “We The People will take it together”

“I’m a simple common man who has a love for my country, my state, and all my fellow Americans. I support all Armed Forces past and present, our First Responders, and believe we will stand United again!.”

“Individually our voice is silent, United our voice is Deafening!”

Running as a constitutionalist Independent, Firm believer in the 2nd Amendment and strictly believe the 2A shall not be infringed.